You’ve just placed your order for a fully customized gaming trailer and in 6-8 weeks’ time, you will be the proud owner of the best party entertainment business, in your area. So, what’s next? Well, here’s where the real fun begins and when you can start taking the necessary steps to booking your first party and many more after that.

1. Create a brand

Choosing a name and creating a logo is just the first step in creating a brand around your business. Part of the PGT experience is having a website specifically built for you by a certified Google Partner and also setting up your social media profiles so that you can start growing your following before you even have your trailer. We suggest inviting all of your friends and family to “like” and “follow” your pages and encouraging them to invite their friends, too. Start by posting about the exciting services that you’ll be offering, perhaps add a few pictures and always remember to include a way that people can reach you to book their own parties. A good way to encourage your audience to invite their friends is by including competition or giveaway, where the winner can be one of the first people to experience an hour long party in your new gaming trailer.

2. Appeal to the locals

Reach out to local schools, churches, fundraisers and any events happening in your area, that are expecting a few visitors and see if they’d be interested in having your services. Remember that more people who see you in action means more people who will be talking about the unique experience and will be getting in line to call and book your services for any upcoming events.

3. Offer a promotion

Everyone loves a good discount so don’t be shy to offer a promotion like throwing in laser tag for 50%-off when booking a 2-hour event. People like the idea that they’re getting more for their money, so extending a $25 discount to ensure that you close a sale is always beneficial in the long run. Just remember that birthdays are an annual thing and that by making a good first impression, means that they’re sure to keep you in mind for every year to come, also remember that all their friends who are attending will see your trailer in action and will make sure that mom gets your services booked for their next birthday, too!

These tips are sure to get you off to the right start and booking the first of many events for your new business. Remember, being in the business of fun is all about your approach and creating a lasting impression and experience for all your customers.

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