Below is a list of options we have previously installed on various trailers that we have built. It is a big list, but we take the time to help you evaluate your options, understand your goals, discuss your market and make sure that the finished product we create for you is ready for prime time. If you don’t see what you like on this list let us know and we WILL do what it takes to make it apart of your Premier Gaming Trailer. No matter the product, no matter the application, as a full service fabrication company we enjoy the challenge of making whatever you can conceive in your mind a reality. If you can dream it, we can build it – that’s not just our tagline, it’s who we are!


Exterior Construction Options

For that extra comfort and “wow” factor

Added Trailer Height

We’re currently the only gaming theatre fabricator with a standard trailer height of 7 1/2 feet. For overall comfort and feasibility our standard height is more than enough. Still we decided to outdo ourselves by offering up to 8 1/2 feet of standing clearance height to our trailers. Many houses don’t have a ceiling height capable of what we’re providing in our trailers and that’s why we’re doing it, we wanted our trailers to feel like home; only better!

Gooseneck / 5th Wheel Trailers

Gooseneck Trailers are our preferred model when we fabricate 32,36 and 38 foot Premier Gaming Trailers for our clients. From the outside it might seem a little unorthodox because it doesn’t attach to a truck trailer hitch; it instead attaches to a coupler placed above the axel on the pickup truck bed. This setup allows for increased stability, a better turning radius and makes it possible for you to incorporate more options by utilizing the interior space provided by the trailers arm.

Split Axle

Our standard trailer has a Tandem Axel which groups the two wheels on either side of the trailer into one wheel well. For those who want a different option we’ve made it possible to purchase a Split Axel Trailer. It is easily noticeable because it places each wheel inside of its own wheel well forcing the body of the trailer between each tire. Many people find this look more aesthetically pleasing because it gives the trailer a more modern look. But the truth is it also allows for a smoother ride and allows for optimal weight distribution.

Extended Tongue

The part of the trailer that connects to the pickup truck hitch is known as the tongue. And an extended tongue is an option that can help you have a better turning radius, better weight distribution and overall control of your trailer while you’re moving it to different venues. Since this aspect of the trailer would be extended, there’s an opportunity for you to find an auxiliary use for the added space.

Safety and Security

Give yourself peace of mind

Reverse Backup Lights

While it’s not a necessity to have reverse lights on your Premier Gaming Trailer we offer it as a feature to those who prefer to have that added peace of mind. It can be especially helpful to those who know that their target service area has small roads, frequent dead ends and those who are just safety conscious. This feature can go a long way to making your feel more secure and alert others that you’re coming their way.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz all come with tire pressure monitoring systems. The system we provide you is on par with some of the finest motor vehicle companies and informs you that you have a problem prior to blowing out a tire on the interstate. If you’re attentive to your air pressure your tires will wear faster and you can pick up a nail anywhere. Increases tire life and be safer while driving with a trailer.

Security Camera

For those who want to protect themselves against theft, damage or any other unforeseen circumstance we offer a high definition camera system. More than anything these camera will serve as a deterrent, because people are always on their best behavior when they think someone is watching. Your cameras would be connected to a digital video recorder and could be broadcast via the internet if you want to observe your workers while you aren’t present.

Electric Stabilizer Jacks

Electric stabilizer jacks are permanently connected to a moving vehicle and are controlled through an electric motor making it possible to deploy at the touch of a button. Because of its capabilites we offer it as a feature on our Premier Gaming Trailers. The device can easily stabilize a vehicle on the most unpredictable of surfaces by minimizing rocking, keeping it level on hills, grass and gravel.

Added Functionality

A way to make it truly yours

Rock Stage

Allow your clients to feel like Rock Stars! We can give you everything you need to turn the back of your trailer into a fully operational stage complete with a guard rail and drawing attention to brave performers and enticing others to become a part of the crowd by cheering them on. It’s perfect to perform to games like Rock Band, Just Dance, The Michael Jackson Experience and other live performance based titles.

Rear Door

For those who would prefer a rear entry door on their trailer in place of a ramp door, we can make it possible. This conversion makes it possible to achieve a specific aesthetic that a client is going for and manage the flow of traffic through the trailer. Since the walls around the door would be fixed as well a client could even place televisions, storage, utilize some design elements for the space or come up with a totally original use.

Motorized Awning

A Motorized Awning is an easy way to add outdoor space to your Premier Gaming Trailer. This retractable feature allows you to have a comfortable party going on outside shielding your patrons from the sun while others are inside the comfortable air-conditioned trailer. The space can even be used for parents that want to stay close while their child is having a good time. It’s more than a mere shade; think of this feature as adding an additional entertainment area to your trailer.

Additional Gaming Consoles

Our trailers come with two gaming console per television. But if you want more we’re excited to make it happen. More selection and more variety are always a plus in this business. Make sure that each of your clients has whatever system they want without having to wait until someone else is finished. We make it possible for you to have up to five consoles connected to one television with the ability to switch between any one in seconds.

Power and Comfort

Options that will provide additional comfort and power

Diesel Generator

The Diesel Generator that we make available to you is a Pro Series product used to help contractors build structures on a job site. This means it won’t have any problem running all of the equipment in your trailer for an extended period of time. On a full tank of gas these generators can run up to 18 hours. They’re low maintenance, unaffected by extreme weather conditions and have the reliability you’d expect from a Diesel.

Backup Generator

For those who operate under the assumption of Newton’s Law (what can go wrong will go wrong) we’ve got you covered. We provide backup generators making it possible for you to have total peace of mind. To be clear we totally believe in all of the generators we install with a Premier Gaming Trailer and each one comes with a warranty as well. But in the event of any unforeseen circumstance it’s always better to be safe than sorry

Additional Air Conditioners

We’re the only gaming theater manufacturer in the business with a digital air conditioner which allows you to pick the exact temperature you want in your trailer with a digital thermostat. All other trailer air conditioners just have low, medium and high. Getting an additional air conditioner just increases your comfort by allowing the inside of your trailer to be the exact temperature you require during extreme weather conditions.

Full Automation

We’ve created a proprietary software that makes it possible for you to control your entire trailer from a laptop, tablet or even your Smartphone. This software makes it possible for you to turn on your lights remotely, watch your security cameras, turn on your televisions, gaming consoles, increase the volume and control each component of your audio system all from your connected device.

Additional Revenues Streams

bring an extra dimension to your business to increase success

Laser Tag Setup

In an effort to help you make passive revenue we’ve fostered relationships with three high quality laser tag companies. We chose them because they have varying Laser Tag applications and options at varying price points that you would be glad to add to your business. Best of all, if you’re already booked when someone calls you for a party you can sell them Laser Tag as an option so you can run two events at the same time.

Bumper Balls

In an effort to help you make passive revenue we’ve fostered relationships with two high quality Bumper Ball companies. This gives the people attending your event an opportunity to spend some time outside of the Premier Gaming Trailer knocking each other silly in the confines of a safe bouncing bubble. If you’re already booked when someone calls you can sell them Bumper Ball as an option so you can run two events at the same time.

Whackies Candy

Whackies Candy is an industry exclusive add-on to Premier Gaming Trailers. This partnership is beneficial because it gives our owners an opportunity to own candy dispensing machines with great margins that can be sold while operating a trailer at an event. The custom candy kit comes with a dispensing system that only works while the receptacle is in place to catch the candy keeping the mess to a minimum.

Satellite Dish

Bringing live television to your Premier Gaming Trailer is a real game changer. It gives you an opportunity to appeal to an entirely different market that might not be as interested in video games. Oscar Parties, draft parties, prize fights, tailgating and pro sports matches are just a few of the optional theme based parties you can advertise for once you’ve added a satellite dish to your trailer.

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