Premier Gaming Trailers – Is it Really Better?

We actually get the question, “are you really better than all of your competition” from a lot of prospective customers. The truth is we sell the most reliable gaming trailer, which also happens to be the most competitively priced and the best looking. Do you think that makes us the best, because we do! You […]

Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch Review – It’s here, now what are you going to do about it… The Nintendo Switch is here and we’re recommending that each Premier Gaming Trailer owner take a hard look at adding Nintendo’s newest console to their arsenal. This game console is definitely worth purchasing as it’s a good spin for true […]

Jump into Fall!

Summer camps are bound to wrap up around this time of the year but that doesn’t mean the peak season has to end, just yet. With the change of season, comes a bunch of new opportunities to look forward to which include: Labor Day weekend: Labor Day weekend usually marks the end of the summer […]

things to do this summer - Buy PGT

Things to do this Summer

Summer is undoubtedly filled with an endless list of opportunities and as the new owner of your own gaming theatre, it’s up to you to ensure that by the time the school bell rings for one last time before the start of summer, you’re prepared for the potential of being booked out every day for […]


You’ve just placed your order for a fully customized gaming trailer and in 6-8 weeks’ time, you will be the proud owner of the best party entertainment business, in your area. So, what’s next? Well, here’s where the real fun begins and when you can start taking the necessary steps to booking your first party […]