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There are no franchise fees and no ongoing royalty fees when you purchase a Premier Gaming Trailer. We are a full service fabricator which has a trailer build out team led by an innovative professional with more than 27 years of mobile customization experience. Our experience as successful owner/operators of 2 gaming trailers that we use daily in Central Florida helps to guide our fabrication process. We know firsthand that buying a mobile video game trailer can be a great revenue stream for the entrepreneur that wants to control their income and be the life of the party. Each week we’re out in the community providing entertainment for parties, community gatherings, corporate events and professional sporting events. We understand what it takes to stay successful in this business and what steps need to be taken to ensure you receiving top dollar for operating a Premier Gaming Trailer.

We don’t sell you a truck and say good luck; we sell you a trailer and say welcome to the family! We’ve built the blueprint to be successful in this business, so we share all of our knowledge and marketing experience with you the second you join our growing family. After the sale, if you have questions or need guidance on building your brand in your region we want you to remain engaged so we can and continue to help you grow. We’ve built a communication platform on our website so all Premier Gaming Trailer owners can communicate with each other, share what they’re doing to make their business more successful and avoid some of the pitfalls. We encourage all of our owners to use this platform to engage with each other. We do this and more, because when you’re successful – we’ve succeeded!


lee bekhor

Owner / President – PGT

The brains behind our fantastic services and always up for a laugh! Whether it’s calling the big shots into his office or teaching the newbie’s the ropes – Lee covers it all with his hands on approach. A giant kid at heart and if you’d like to win his smile – just bring some Reese’s! He’s always working on ways to make PGT the life of any event! When he isn’t being the man behind the scenes, Lee is busy catching up on the latest sports or having fun playing it. His favorite game is Call of Duty (any of them) and of course all sports games!

Professionally speaking, Lee has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida. He’s an avid entreprenuer who believes that small business is the backbone of this country. He’s applied his education to multiple business ventures and has stayed invested in a few of them. Since entering the mobile gaming arena his passion has become his full time purpose and he wants to make sure this business continues to grow.


Sean Josephs

Marketing Director – PGT

Very few people still have an operating Nintendo Entertainment System purchased in the 1980’s – and Sean is one of them. Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, 32X, N64, Game Cube, PS1, PS2, Wii and WiiU round out his collection to this day. The joy he expereienced with videogames as a child makes him want to share the passion in new and innovative ways. When he isn’t directing the marketing efforts of PGT he’s traveling the world. His favorite game is FIFA (you pick the year) and he takes all challengers!

Professionally speaking, Sean has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public and Cultural Communications from the University of South Florida. He too is an avid entreprenuer who believes that you can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows it exist it’s just a hobby. He worked in Marketing by Directing Analytics for a Fortune 500 Company which increased marketshare under his tenure. He became part of the mobile gaming arena because he realizes that balance sheets and quarterly earning statements dont make the man, having fun does!


Megan Kelly

Director of First Impressions – PGT

The secret weapon to our successful front office, holding everything together and making sure it all gets done! The voice behind the voicemails and the one always walking around willing to lend a helping hand and answer everyones questions. When she isn’t manning the phones, helping all over the office and workshop OR running out to get something that everyone else forgot – she can be found playing first-person shooter games against her hubby while still juggling 5 dogs, a newborn and writing, as a hobby. Favorite game is definitely Borderlands – and anything that has zombies- weird, we know!

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