Jump into Fall!

Summer camps are bound to wrap up around this time of the year but that doesn’t mean the peak season has to end, just yet. With the change of season, comes a bunch of new opportunities to look forward to which include:

  • Labor Day weekend:

Labor Day weekend usually marks the end of the summer and can serve as the perfect time to push promotional offers and wave farewell to the warmer season. Consider using Facebook’s promotional options and market yourself towards bigger local events like block parties and community events whereby you’re meeting more of the locals and they get to see you in action

  • Back-to-School events

Be sure to check out your local listing sites for Back-to-School events and consider getting in touch with the organizers to donate your services. Back-to-School events offer lots of foot traffic and put you right in front of your target market; children and their parents! Also, see whether the organizers offer extra incentives for donating your services, like advertising on their social media pages, website and in any print media. Make sure to have a lot of brochures and perhaps add an exclusive promo code for event attendees.

  • Halloween Parties

Halloween provides a fun time to market your services. Be sure to take a peek at Pinterest for ideas to get your trailer looking the part, and let your staff have fun by dressing up (appropriately) for the weekend of Halloween. Think fake spider webs at the entrance, smoke machines, and Mario-themed lanterns! Don’t be scared to have fun! Don’t forget to check with your local schools to see if they’re doing anything for Halloween (laser tag is lots of fun in the school gym!)

  • Annual fundraisers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and packs lots of local events and fundraisers that help with researching treatments and cures. Be sure to research ahead of time when local events will be happening and get involved! It’s great to offer your services for a good cause while gaining exposure with local residents!

  • Thanksgiving weekend

Many companies close their doors over Thanksgiving weekend, so if you can – why not be the one who still goes on to offer their services, one that brings the whole family together! Often, families are willing to a pay a little extra for your efforts of coming out on Thanksgiving weekend and love having an activity that everyone enjoys!

Make the best of fall by getting involved with the community. Always have brochures and promotional offers on hand, to ensure that you’re always prepared for some NEXT LEVEL gaming!

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