Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch Review – It’s here, now what are you going to do about it…

The Nintendo Switch is here and we’re recommending that each Premier Gaming Trailer owner take a hard look at adding Nintendo’s newest console to their arsenal. This game console is definitely worth purchasing as it’s a good spin for true gamers who appreciate the latest in standout graphics. It’s game play for some title is 60 FPS (frames per second) and others is 30 FPS, but either way, it’s a high-definition handheld gaming console. The immediate argument that casual gamers will make is – this system will likely be an incremental step up in the line of Wii to Wii U to the new Nintendo Switch. At first glance we’re confident in saying that this isn’t an incremental step up, it is a step up in a HUGE way. This is an innovative console that’s blazing a new path as well as trying to be the next step in a storied chain. It’s obvious that the Nintendo Switch took a strong look at the best of what can be found in the 3DS and Wii U and found a way to incorporate those great elements into a system that’s still underpowered against PS4 and the Xbox One, but capable of running many of the same AAA titles.

What’s Different?

The biggest difference for the Nintendo Switch is in home and on the go playability that rivals PS4 and the Xbox One. They’ve arrived in a place where most gamers never thought a handheld would bother venturing – a completely on the go system with in home reliability and game play. For more than the past 20 years Nintendo hasn’t cared about direct competition and has given their systems off brand, in-house games. They wanted be known as a system for fun and families rather than true gamers who might play for 10 hours at a time. Throughout that time, they’ve gone pretty far to concede the market owned by Playstation and Xbox, even declining to carry some of the same titles as their counterparts. Now Nintendo is calling in reinforcements by making it possible to purchase NES, SNES, N64 and possibly even GameCube games on the Nintendo Switch in full HD.

What’s Similar?

I said it took the best from Wii, Wii U and 3DS, and I mean it! Like the Wii you can play Nintendo only games which are interactive and force you to move. You can dodge, punch sideswipe and shoot just like the Wii, but now with better graphics and a more interactive interface. In this new updated version you can even milk a cow with the Nintendo Switch. And these controllers and sensor bar perform your moves perfectly, they don’t just convert what you’ve done to the “next best thing” available in the game, so make sure you’re accurate.

It’s similar to the Wii U because the Nintendo Switch has the hand held that you can interact with while playing on your TV. The biggest difference is you can now interact with your game system in crisp 60 FPS. Like the Wii U the minds at Nintendo say they intend for this system to be open to more popular titles and intend for it to not sacrifice any game play in the process.

The 3DS is the most apt comparison of all because you could take this system with you in the car and go! Premier Gaming Trailers in no way condones you playing while driving; but if someone else is driving you could be getting in home quality playability anywhere. The 3DS and the PS Vita were close to providing that, but every honest gamer (including some of the people who made these wonderful products) will admit that both of those awesome systems are lacking when it come to on-the-go playability. And you’d be hard-pressed to find people saying that right now about the Nintendo Switch.

How Does It Stack Up?

It’s the same, but totally different! They took all of the really good elements from the Wii, Wii U Nintendo 3DS and even the Nintendo 64. If you cringed when I said Nintendo 64, you should have, the idea that you should spend $300 for something that can be compared to an old outdated system is plain crazy. The reason why I make this comparison because, the last time Nintendo had a gaming system that was immediately comparable to others, based on game play and graphics was 1996. Around this time period the Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation and even the Sega Dreamcast which was released 3 years after the Nintendo 64 were all completely even and comparable. This comparison is important because Nintendo 64 had every game that all of the other consoles had, the game play, was just very “Nintendo” with graphics that were in some ways comparable and in some ways superior. The turns were crisp the, grass was imperfectly perfect and the demons in Doom 64 were still fake, but somehow lifelike enough to make your heart pound. The Nintendo Switch is a direct shot across the bow at Playstation 4 and Xbox One without trying to be either one of those companies. This console that managed to stick to its roots while listening to the market and adapting in a very necessary way!

Unlike the PSP or Playstation Vita – the parent company is entirely behind the success of this project. You can tell they got everything right before the roll-out and are entire committed as a company to pushing this as Nintendo’s flagship console for years to come.

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