Premier Gaming Trailers – Is it Really Better?

We actually get the question, “are you really better than all of your competition” from a lot of prospective customers. The truth is we sell the most reliable gaming trailer, which also happens to be the most competitively priced and the best looking. Do you think that makes us the best, because we do!

You can judge our gaming trailers for yourself by clicking here

When our current owners first contacted us they all thought that our prices had to be astronomical because our gaming trailers seem like a product you might find on customization shows or in movies. When we first started Premier Gaming Trailers we were shooting for the moon and tried to do innovate things that you might find in highly customized mansions or private airplanes. We wanted to do things people only dream about to create a new standard of entertainment that even professional gamers would love. Since that time we’ve learned to perfect our craft by continuously increasing the quality of our components, challenging ourselves with original builds and finding ways to drive cost down so we can pass the savings to you. Our in house staff of innovative fabricators regularly attends all the latest electronics showcases like SEMA, E3, CES, and IAAPA to ensure that we’re stay a step ahead of the best mobile fabricators in the industry.

We use gaming, comfort and entertainment to help us achieve our ultimate goal, pure innovation for our clients. We view our competition as industry trend setters like Turtle Transit, GoVision and West Coast Customs, rather than competing against other gaming trailer manufacturers. And to all our competitors, we wish you well; we were in your position once looking up to the best, so we understand the feeling. Keep striving for excellence by trying to copy our gaming trailers, because we appreciate the compliment. In the end we all know that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but keep working hard and let your work speak for itself.

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